Finally: A Solution for Unhealthy Children & Adult Chronic Disease

Healthy Future US is a national initiative making ground-breaking progress state-by-state in increasing physical activity, healthy nutrition & social-emotional wellness for all children K-12:  Enough to improve kids’ physical & mental health now and long into the future.

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Our Children Are At-Risk

Teen mental health kept worsening over the last decade, then sank further during the pandemic.  But we failed to invest in students’ wellness. Now 1 in 5 teens say they have seriously considered taking their own life.

Diabetes used to be very rare just a few decades ago. It only happened to about 1 out of 30 people—typically in old age. But we ignored increasing child inactivity & unhealthy nutrition.  Now 1 in 5 teens have prediabetes, and 1 out of 3 children from communities of color will develop diabetes later in life — often as young adults. 

Meanwhile, inactivity & unhealthy nutrition (in the form of obesity) will soon exceed smoking as the biggest preventable cause of cancer.  No wonder the Mayo Clinic declared: “Sitting is the new smoking.” 

Thanks to radical cuts in recess, PE & health ed at school, plus more screen time at home, and inadequate social-emotional learning & support K-12—a majority of children are not active or social-emotionally well.  They are at-risk of serious lifelong health problems—including heart disease, severe back problems, & mental illness—as well as diabetes & cancer. 

But We Are Finally Making Progress

Healthy Future US is making ground-breaking progress in increasing physical activity, healthy nutrition, and improving mental health for all children K-12. Enough to reduce child obesity & teen prediabetes and to improve social-emotional health now—and to dramatically reduce cancer, high blood pressure & heart disease—improve mental health—and slash diabetes by 2/3—in adulthood.

We did our homework, put together a plan, and began building a coalition. Then we began systemically changing state physical & health education and recess policies & laws—including increasing accountability for student health. Now we are scaling up our work system-atically—as we add major sustainable funding based on rapid payback & high ROI.

Arizona Now, Other States Soon

Now, together with our partners, we are shaking up the status quo & scaling up—first in Arizona, then in other states. Our breakthrough approaches have been recognized by the CDC, national media, and US health & education experts. Our self-funding strategy is as ground-breaking as our plan, policy & program strategies. But we need your help to accelerate our impact…

Your Donation-Investment Saves Costs & Lives

This is the kind of opportunity that comes along so rarely in life—for you to help truly change the trajectory of entire states & a whole nation. You help us empower individuals for lifelong health and sustainably changing schools & society. You help us get people healthier, and reduce ever-increasing health costs. And you help us reduce health-related racial & income inequalities.

In addition to philanthropic donor-investors—health sector, government, & employer funder-investors share a portion of their health cost savings & productivity growth with Healthy Future US—making both our strategies and our organization self-funding.

Please consider investing together with us.