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Is Your State Ready?


ls your state ready to do whatever it takes to reverse the child obesity & diabetes epidemics—including dramatically improving physical activity and unhealthy nutrition K-12?

Would you like to engage with Arizona and other states in some friendly competition to make your state  the healthiest in the USA? ðŸ˜Š

Then please contact us!

We are all Americans, and share common values to help our fellow citizens succeed. And financially, we are all in this together, sharing each others’ costs—whether we like it or not:

We all live and pay taxes in a highly government-financed, federally-controlled, public-private health system. Soon, 2/3 of all health spending will be funded by the government, i.e., taxpayers: thanks to Medicaid (operating under AHCCCS & many other state-specific names), Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, the VA, government employees, IRS employer tax breaks, etc.

In addition, uncompensated care—health services delivered by health care providers, for which they are never paid—creates a major burden. The rest of us end up paying for uncompensated care—via our health insurance and out-of-pocket costs…and taxes. Make no mistake: ultimately, individual employees, business owners, and current & future taxpayers end up picking up the entire health bill of the country. 

The bottom line for health costs: no individual, employer or state can escape others’ bad health and medical costs.

Healthy Future US stands ready to help all states in whatever way possible. 

Please see our latest slide deck for more details.