How are we helping ensure a healthier future for Arizona and the USA?

The Healthy Future Arizona vision is for Arizona to become the healthiest state in the country. We will get there with a statewide coalition, committed to empowering individuals to substantially improve their health—starting with school-based approaches.

[If you are not from Arizona: ls your state ready to do whatever it takes to reverse the child obesity & diabetes epidemics—including dramatically improving physical activity and unhealthy nutrition K-12 statewide?]

Our coalition plans to scale up our proven evidence-based strategies, and to implement them statewide—with a special focus on lower-income schools with the greatest needs.

As part of our core mission, vision and values, these approaches are and will continue to be: accountable, performance-based, highly-effective, affordable-for-all, super-scalable, move-the-needle-systemic, long-term, and sustainably self-funding—with a high proven payback/ROI.

We define “health” in a whole-child, whole-person context—starting with physical health, but also including social-emotional and mental health—and eventually financial, civic, creative, and other types of health. Generally speaking, none of these are being adequately developed and assessed at present in Arizona’s or other states’ K-12 schools.

Our initial focus is on dramatically improving K-12 physical and health education, as an essential foundation for lifelong health. While we start in K-12 schools, we look at health in its broader family, community, and socioeconomic context—and over the entire lifespan. And we realize that healthy habits begun early in life, as children, must then be reinforced by other public policies and private practices, as adults. This ensures that the healthy behavior begun in schools does not fade out and revert to unhealthy social norms in the future.

K-12 Prevention Fund
Find out more about the K-12 Prevention Fund: This is a dedicated statewide fund, financed with a small percentage of chronic health spending–with shared governance, high transparency & accountability, proven school-based & other strategies, and aggressive cost-saving goals.

Whole Child School Report Card
Find out more about the Whole Child School Report Card: We need comprehensive recent data on school health-related policies & practices and other whole-child issues. This provides objective accountability for enforcement of the recess law and other mandates, for use in the A-F school accountability system, and for new policy development and financing.

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