Capacity-Building $$

We are now working to further increase our impact, by developing the capacity of the Healthy Future US organization. Now that we have figured out, which scalable, cost-effective, evidence-based policies & programs & sustainable funding strategies to utilize, including how stakeholder investments will pay for themselves & therefore become self-sustaining for the key targeted government, health & employer groups who will invest & benefit most—it is now time to fund expansion of our work.

Capacity graphic

These investments will allow us to pay for a combination of full- and part-time employees, contractors, consultants, information & evaluation systems, and other services, as well as cover other costs.

With these investments, we will be able to:

  • Develop additional funds to scale & sustain our work
  • Recruit & retain talent in a highly competitive labor market
  • Advocate year-around, including with individual state legislators in their districts outside of legislative sessions—and for multiple related bills & proposed regulations, persisting over many years
  • Engage in adequate communications to leverage our thought leadership, expand awareness of our work, broaden our impact, & connect effectively with political, health, education, business & other leaders & funders
  • Provide data snapshot & baseline measurements of each school and state, and track progress in aggregated privacy-protected student metrics, for accountability & advocacy
  • Create a detailed playbook with a range of options to make it as easy as possible for schools & districts to implement our Plan-Develop-Evaluate framework in a locally relevant high-impact way
  • Prepare & trial school- & teacher-friendly assessment options for K-8 schools including activity, nutrition, physical & health education, & social-emotional wellness, with scalable privacy-protected data collection & reporting systems
  • Prepare high school strategy, including empowering students to develop & track practical individual plans for current & lifelong health, as their school schedule becomes more varied & complex—and as they prepare to leave school for work and/or postsecondary education
  • Invest adequately in general, administrative, accounting & compliance
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