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Case for Support

With the encouragement of leaders in philanthropy, we are working on a summary “case for support”.

In the meantime, check out these charts, based on recent government data on our teens’ rapidly worsening physical AND mental health.

But don’t get depressed yourself by how dire the situation is—get motivated to do something!:

(Click or tap the graphics to enlarge.)

Teens with condition chart

Sources: Prediabetes & Obesity (Liu et al, 2022) (CDC, 2021). CDC YRBS persistent sadness.
NAEP scores for 13 year olds (Nation’s Report Card, 2020). See notes below.

Prediabetes by ethnicity and income
Teens reporting condition

Sources: CDC YRBS. Suicidal thoughts/“ideation” = “seriously considered attempting suicide” within the last year.

Depression = Persistent Sadness = at least 2 weeks in a row of “feelings of sadness or hopelessness that affect students’ abilities to participate in their daily activities.” Mental unwellness is at high levels across ethnicities, & for girls across income levels; mental unwellness is almost twice as high among girls than boys. Increased sadness has been attributed to social media, inadequate sleep, & fewer social activities (esp. during pandemic), & to some extent due to perceived world stresses (eg gun violence, climate change, hostile politics)

(Klein & Twenge, 2023) (Klein & Damour, 2023) (Atlantic, 2022).

More details are elsewhere on the website, and in our slide deck.

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