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Harming All Our Kids – all Incomes & Ethnicities

Shocking, unprecedented trends have emerged—showing that teens across incomes and ethnicities are at risk of many serious health issues.

The dramatic increase in teen prediabetes over the last four decades—whether kids are white or of color, whether they are lower-, middle- or upper-income—is a deadly wake-up call for us all:

Prediabetes by ethnicity and income

In addition, we have long known that adolescents in general are vulnerable to bouts of sadness & depression…and even at-risk of suicide—across all ethnicities, and particularly for girls at all income levels. 

But the recent rapid rise in depression, far above historical levels, is very disturbing.  (Not surprisingly: suicidal thoughts and actions are also worsening, across income levels & ethnicities, according to CDC data.)

Depression chart

Now that you are aware, how likely it is that a teen you know may be at risk of serious physical and/or mental health issues…perhaps your own child or grandchild…

What are you going to do about it?

Supporting Healthy Students Healthy State is the best opportunity we have to systematically address, over the course of K-12 education, what can literally become a life-and-death issue for our teens in their adult years.  This includes schools helping parents in their own efforts to become healthier.

Those 13 years are long enough to change this trend…once we actually start doing what works—through schools.

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