Finally: Reducing Child Obesity & Diabetes

Healthy Future US is a national initiative that is making ground-breaking progress state-by-state in increasing physical activity and healthy nutrition for all children K-12: Enough to reduce child obesity now and to slash future diabetes by 2/3.

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Our Children Are At-Risk

Diabetes used to be very rare just a few decades ago. It only happened to about 1 out of 30 people—typically in old age. But we ignored increasing inactivity & unhealthy nutrition. Now 1 out of 3 children will develop diabetes later in life—often as young adults. Thanks to cuts in recess & PE at school + more screen time at home, a majority of children are not active enough & are at-risk of serious lifelong chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Alarmist? About 1 in 5 teens already have pre-diabetes—more than half of those teens could develop diabetes in their 20s & 30s!…unless they change their habits. And according to the American Cancer Society, obesity is now the 2nd biggest preventable cause of cancer—after smoking. No wonder the Mayo Clinic declared: “Sitting is the new smoking.” But we are on it!

We Are Finally Making Progress

Healthy Future US is making ground-breaking progress in increasing physical activity, healthy nutrition, and reducing stress for all children K-12. Enough to reduce child obesity & teen prediabetes and to improve social-emotional health now–and to dramatically reduce cancer, high blood pressure & heart disease…and slash diabetes by 2/3, in adulthood. We did our homework, put together a plan, built a coalition, and found school programs that worked. Then we began changing state physical & health education and recess policies & laws. Now we are scaling up our work as we add more funding sustainably. And we are just getting started…

Arizona Now, Other States Soon

Now, together with our partners, we are shaking up the status quo and scaling up—first in Arizona, then in other states. Our breakthrough approaches have been recognized by the CDC and national health & education experts. Our self-funding strategy is as ground-breaking as our plan, policies & programs. But we need your help to accelerate our impact…

Your Investment Saves Costs & Lives

This is the kind of opportunity that comes along so rarely in life—for you to help truly change the trajectory of our entire state & nation. Empowering individuals and changing society to improve health. By making people healthier, we also reduce health costs—doing well by making people well. Our health sector, government, employer and other investors share a portion of their savings with us, making us self-funding. Please join us, as one of the co-founding Health Heroes— who help finally reverse these increasingly harmful epidemics! Please consider investing together with us.