You have a unique opportunity now to improve the lives of millions

Make no mistake: we and our partners are taking on one of the greatest social, education and health challenges, which our country has ever faced. We can only pull this off with your support.

And we can win this in the foreseeable future. The proof? Our nation did it already-with smoking.

You have a unique opportunity now to improve the lives of millions, and to literally help heal our country.

You may be a philanthropist, who has invested in many nonprofits over the years. But how many times have you had an opportunity to make change at this scale? 

Or you may be a health organization, employer or political leader, wondering how we are ever going to get a handle on worsening health—and on sky-high yet ever-increasing health costs?

Healthy Future US partners with you & others to work at a very large scale. We measure success in & ask to be held accountable for empowering millions of children to improve their health—through state- and nation-wide policy, program and systems change—and as proven by actual medical outcomes.

(And yes, we also have wonderful individual success stories, as well.)

We demonstrate that change with fitness assessments, physical activity monitoring, & nutrition behavior reporting—resulting in millions & eventually billions of dollars in measured annual health & medical cost savings—with high impact & ROI for the health sector, governments & taxpayers, employers, social impact investors, and other funders.

So many nonprofits are doing good work. And we should keep donating to them. But to help the most people and maximize total impact, we also need to reinforce those donations with an investment in fundamental, large-scale systems change.

Major breakthroughs such as those we are achieving—like more recess & physical activity for 250,000 elementary students—and much healthier state school A-F accountability leading to more & better physical & health education for 1.1 million K-12 students: make the whole population much healthier.

This takes a lot of work—but we are making a lot of progress.

We tend to use the word Invest rather than Donate. This is because our organizational values and “theory of change” require us to find approaches that become sustainably self-funding. In other words, we strive to be so effective and create so much added-value, at as low a cost as possible, that our benefit is much higher than our cost. We provide a socioeconomic “return on investment” (ROI)—in both improving society & financial payback.

And we ask all of those who benefit financially to co-invest. Our systemic, evidence-based approaches provide 20x or more Payback/ROI, from prevention-based health cost savings. Everyone should invest at least some of their current & future savings to help sustain the impact. Doing well by making well.

We are asking you to join us early as co-founding Health Heroes—investing/donating your money now, together with us.

Many individuals & organizations are partnering with us already—based on our unique vision, model, and track record. We are in discussions with an increasing number of philanthropic, private & government funders—including individuals; foundations; health agencies, plans & providers; legislatures; and employers—to help pay for statewide school implementations, to work in more states, increase advocacy, expand capacity, etc.

You can invest in Healthy Future US now, via our fiscal sponsorship by Arizona Community Foundation. Click here to securely Donate/Invest.

Please contact us if you have any questions or comments.

Please see our latest slide deck for more details.