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Make no mistake:  we and our partners are taking on one of the greatest social, education and health challenges, which our country has ever faced.

We can only pull this off—with your support. Together, we can overcome thisin the foreseeable future.

The proof? Our nation did it already—with smoking—declining from 42% of all adults in 1965 to 14% today.

So many nonprofits are doing good work. And we should keep donating to them.

But to help very large numbers of people, practically & cost-effectively, and to maximize impact for the most people—we need investments in integrated, large-scale, cross-sector, multi-level systems change.

1000x ROI/Impact!?

Donor-investors in Healthy Future US have a unique opportunity to maximize their social impact and “social wealth,” by leveraging a donation-investment in Healthy Future US—literally, 1000x—into huge social and economic impact.

We might be delighted by a 2-3x large-cap stock gain, and impressed by a 10x startup ROI. But 1000x seems crazy.

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How do we get to 1000x?

First, Healthy Future US is currently building toward a budget of $1.5M/year. We estimate that this will allow us, over 5-7 years, to develop $500M/year in new sustainable money from major stakeholder groups into schools, for preventive health & wellness education—in our first state. This is more than a 300x ROI.

We also estimate that implementing our school-based strategies will save $5B/year in medical costs and increase economic productivity & family disposable income by $5-10B/year in a state of 7-8 million people. This brings the total ROI into the 3000-7000x range [$1.5M/yr à$5-10B/yr].

You may be a high-net-worth individual—perhaps a very successful entrepreneur or investor—frustrated by the issues of income inequality and poverty, lack of opportunity, racial disparities, etc.—but also frustrated by the lack of progress and of so few credible solutions to address them. You may not believe in Big Government—but even if you do, you are frustrated that the government at all levels has achieved far too little.

You may have done extremely well financially. But does your “social wealth” measure up to your financial wealth? Would you like to build more social wealth? Would you like to make the world a much better place?

Helping create a huge win for society can be very satisfying—though in a different kind of way than making money in the business world. It may be less of an instant adrenalin rush than conquering a major entrepreneurial challenge or seeing your financial investment soar. But it can be a uniquely satisfying, on-going source of pride.

You may be a philanthropist, who has invested in many nonprofits over the years. But how many times have you had a realistic opportunity to help make change at this scale

Or you may be a health organization, employer or political leader—wondering how we are ever going to get a handle on ever-earlier and more widespread chronic health conditions. And on related sky-high, yet ever-increasing health care costs?

And now that housing & other prices have blasted off, too, just when wages were finally starting to rise…

How much more financial pressure can families take?

And if you are a senior executive in the health sector: How long until all of this comes back to haunt the health sector? How much longer will you be able to pass costs on to someone else? And then what becomes of the quality of care—and of all of our lives?

For health-related funders (rather than philanthropists), our systemic, evidence-based approaches provide 20x or more Payback/ROI, from prevention-based health cost savings. And we expect all health-related funders to continue investing at least some of their savings to help sustain the impact.

Healthy Future US partners with you & others to have impact at a very large scale. We measure success in the millions of lives—and ask to be held accountable for empowering millions of children to improve their health.

We achieve this through an unprecedented combination of local-, state- and nation-wide policy, program, & self-funding systems change.

And success at each step is demonstrated—first, by on-going student physical activity, nutrition, social-emotional & other health metrics—and then by calculating associated aggregated (privacy & confidentiality-protected) child & parent medical cost and employee productivity outcomes.

Additional funds beyond the initial $1.5M/year would allow us to expand into other states.

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Both cost savings and economic growth begin immediately, as both children & their parents develop healthier habits—with the full savings being realized over multiple decades—as entire generations of healthier children become healthier young adults and more productive employees.

Putting our money where our ideals are

And yes, in addition to a great impact & ROI story, we also have wonderful individual success stories. But we lead with our broader impact & ROI, because that is where we stand out so much, and how we are most likely to connect with the kind of people who want to participate & co-invest in this unique opportunity, and to Help our society in a Really Big Way

We would love to talk in person and show you how!

Next Steps

If you think that is a lot to ask, let’s talk about it. If you have gotten this far in reviewing our work, we are clearly striking a chord with you. So let’s discuss how we can partner to make major sustainable improvements in our country together.

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