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Individual or Foundation Financial Support

a unique opportunity to empower & improve the lives of millions

So many nonprofits are doing good work. And we should keep donating to them.

But you are frustrated by the lack of large-scale progress on the biggest issues—and that there are so few credible solutions to address them.

To help very large numbers of people, practically & cost-effectively, and to have the most impact for the most people—we need major investments in large-scale, cross-sector, multi-level systems change.

And that is much more easily said than done—particularly when it comes to our health.

1000x ROI/Impact!?

Individual donors and grant-making foundations have a unique opportunity to maximize their social impact, and “social wealth,” by leveraging an investment in Healthy Future US—literally, 1000x—into huge social and economic improvement.

You might be delighted by a 2-3x large-cap stock gain, and impressed by a 10x startup ROI. But 1000x seems crazy.

You won’t see a 1000x ROI in your private wealth account (unless you founded a $1B+ “unicorn” with sweat equity!). But this is a chance for you to see that large a return in your “social wealth account,” and personal moral balance sheet:

Philanthropic impact graphic

How do we get to 1000x?

First, Healthy Future US is currently building toward an organizational budget of $1.5M/year.

We estimate that this will allow us, over 5-7 years, to develop $500M+/year in new sustainable money from major stakeholder groups into schools, for preventive health & wellness education—in our first state. This is a 300x initial ROI.

(Voter initiative campaigns would be in addition to this—but typically would only be needed once or twice per state, and would be solicited separately, once ready. You could choose separately whether to participate in one of those campaigns.)

We also estimate that implementing our school-based strategies will save $5B/year in medical costs and increase economic productivity & family disposable income by $5-10B/year in a state of 7-8 million people, such as Arizona.

This brings the total potential ROI into the 3000-7000x range [$1.5M/yr into Healthy Future US → $5-10B/yr in savings & income].

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Thank you very much for taking the time to review our work.  Working together, we can make a better world for our families and future generations!