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Nonprofits / Community Organizations

Nonprofits and community organizations play important roles in improving many of our children’s lives, often in partnership with schools.  They often add significant value beyond what schools could do on their own.

But they must often raise their own funds in order to work with our children and in schools.  And this limits their ability to increase their services to more kids or at a given school, or to expand to more children and schools.

Organizations such as the Boys & Girls Clubs provide great after-school programs for students throughout the state, and across the country.  They often even offer those programs on-site at many of those schools, so that students do not need to be transported elsewhere after school.

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However, some nonprofits and community organizations can currently only afford to work with one or a handful of schools.  If these organizations had more funding, they could expand their impact substantially.

Under Healthy Students Healthy State, nonprofits and community organizations would be eligible for school health & wellness funding, in order to supplement preventive education provided directly by schools. 

If schools identify health & wellness needs in their local wellness policy plan, which the schools themselves cannot address directly, then they may use some of their Healthy Students Healthy State monies to reimburse quality community partners which have effective programs.

We expect this component of Healthy Students Healthy State to bring $50M-$100M/year in new money into K-12 schools in Arizona, to be used for nonprofits and community organizations to provide impactful health-related services in partnership with local schools.  (On-going reviews of the school’s local wellness policy plan plus reasonable annual metrics would provide adequate accountability—as well as helping develop new best practices for school-community partnerships statewide.)

If your nonprofit or community organization is interested in supporting Healthy Students Healthy State, please join our network.

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