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a unique opportunity for very-large scale impact

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If you have gotten this far on the website, you are our “target audience”!

If you are frustrated by our nation’s lack of progress in any of these vital areas—improving health, controlling health care costs, reducing racial disparities and income inequalities, or preparing our children adequately for success in their lives—you should seriously consider investing in our approach.

[To dig into any of those topics in more detail, please review the Healthy Students Healthy State dropdown menu.]

Make no mistake:  we and our partners are taking on one of the greatest social, education and health challenges, which our country has ever faced.

We can only pull this off—with your support. Together, we can overcome thisand in the foreseeable future.

The proof? Our nation did it already—with smoking—declining from 42% of adults and 36% of teens in just a few decades to 12% of adults & 6% of teens today.

2024 marks the start of our first major fund-raising campaign.

After laying the groundwork for over eight years at our own cost, we are looking for significant donations/grant-investments by a small number of high-net-worth individuals and impact-oriented foundations. (We would also be pleased for particularly innovative stakeholder organizations such as health plans or providers to invest early in our work.)

We are searching for like-minded financial partners, who are committed to move beyond frustration and outrage over the status quo, and past the failures of previous approaches to move the needle—to actually make major improvements in our country.

(This is a donation-investment—a 501c3 tax-deductible contribution/grant—but resulting in large-scale systemic change, and with the accountability of a financial investment.)

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Your Impact—Co-Founding with Us

You will be hard-pressed to find a more impactful social investment, or a higher economic ROI impact, for such a large number of people—eventually, affecting virtually all Americans in a significant way.

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We started with almost a blank slate. No one else had figured out how to reverse decades-long trends of inactivity, and unhealthy nutrition, and mental health issues, in a realistic, systemic, affordable, and financially sustainable way. 

However, we were able to build off of others’ work—whether academic research & government data, innovative school-based programs & policy frameworks, and experts’ & leaders’ insights & advice.

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    Matt Mixer & Keri Schoeff present award to Scott Turner, 2017

We have spent many years at our own cost and with our own time, and made tremendous progress. This has reduced the risk for your donation-investment—and increased your chances of high impact & ROI by supporting us

Mutual Commitment

We are asking you to consider making a long-term, conditional commitment to our work.

“Conditional commitment” is not a legal obligation—but more importantly, it is a moral one.

And it requires that Healthy Future US makes significant progress, in order to expect you to continue donating/investing in our work. You hold us accountable, and you decide if we have made enough progress to justify an additional donation-investment.

But as long as we are making adequate progress, we can count on you for a certain minimum amount of money that you pledge, in order to help sustain our work.

So in addition to an upfront investment, you make a larger conditional long-term commitment—which allows us to add people and commit resources in a timely manner and on the scale needed.

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Frankly, if we don’t have a long-term commitment by our co-founding donor-investors, we won’t have the cash on our balance sheet to be able to hire & retain the people we need to make this happen.

To achieve our goals in just one state (which also lays the groundwork for others), this requires multiple full-time-equivalent people working over many years. And now more than ever: it’s a “buyer’s market” for great people—and we only want to bring in great people. To persuade them to leave what they are doing and join us, we need at least 3 years of committed salary financial support per person recruited.

Next Steps

If you think that degree of support is a lot to ask, let’s talk about it. If you have gotten this far in reviewing our work, we are clearly striking a chord with you.

So let’s discuss how we can partner to make major sustainable improvements in our country, together.

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