Pay For Success

We are bringing together a group of social impact and health sector investors to sustainably fund evidence-based K-12 strategies to improve child health and reduce their health costs.

We are leveraging the Pay For Success “self-funding” model, formerly termed Social Impact Bonds. More than 35 Pay For Success projects have been developed in the US over the last 10 years. This would be the first PFS project implemented in Arizona. It would also be the first whole-population and first K-12 PFS project in the country.

Social Finance is one of the national leaders in developing PFS projects, with a substantial track record in this area.  Social Finance works with a number of “Social Impact” Investors, who Social Finance believes would provide the upfront funding to implement this Project.  

Arizona AHCCCS Plans would not need to spend any money upfront.  Instead, the Plans would agree to pay back investment in future years, contingent on the PFS Project achieving verified health cost savings & other goals.  These goals would be mutually defined & agreed, before the Project is launched. 

Healthy Future US would lead implementation of school-based services in low-income schools, in coordination with Social Finance, schools, AHCCCS/Medicaid Plans & other health organizations, and others.  We will utilize the evidence-based, low-cost, high-effect-size Plan-Develop-Assess K-12 systemic program model as a foundation. Schools will typically continue to use existing health-related programs and community partnerships, as well as adding new ones such as Playworks as part of implementing their school wellness policy plan.  

An independent third-party Evaluator agreed to with the Social Impact Investors and the AHCCCS Plans would evaluate, if the Project is achieving agreed health cost savings & other health-related goals.  Assuming those goals are achieved, as certified by the Evaluator, then AHCCCS Plans would be the “Back-end Payors” reimbursing the Social Impact Investors.

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