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We calculate our impact for you, for each funder & stakeholder category:

  • Initially, continuing to demonstrate that we are on the right track—with key capacity-building, then more policy & sustainable funding wins, then on-going physical activity, nutrition, and social-emotional wellness outcomes as more schools & states are added.
  • Over time, we intend to measure the resulting health & medical costs savings—and ultimately personal income and productivity growth, too.
  • Then showing the results by type of funder:  donors/philanthropists;  private health plans & small-to-mid-size employers;  self-insured major employers;  Medicaid;  health care providers;  other health organizations;  and state legislatures.

Major breakthroughs such as those we are achieving—like a breakthrough new law leading directly to more recess, and therefore more physical activity & social-emotional wellness, for 250,000 elementary school students…plus a breakthrough state commitment to school accountability for physical, health, & arts education outcomes for hundreds of thousands of K-12 students—lay a unique foundation to make the whole population much healthier.

This takes a lot of work—but we are making a lot of progress.

We have a business background, but realized that a nonprofit organization made sense for this work. Still, we have an ambitious, accountable, results-oriented mindset, and use the word Invest rather than Donate.

This is because our organizational values and “theory of change” require us to find approaches that can:

  • prove they are succeeding
  • quantify the ROI of that success along the way
  • become sustainably self-funding

We strive to be so effective and create so much added-value, at as low a cost as possible, that our benefit is MUCH higher than our cost. We provide a very high socioeconomic “return on investment” (ROI)—in both improving society, and providing financial payback for funders.

And we ask all of those who benefit financially to co-invest. This helps the work to fund itself sustainably over time.

Doing well by making well—starting with children.

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You have a unique opportunity now to improve the lives of millions, and to literally help heal our country.

Many individuals & organizations are partnering with us already as volunteers—based on our unique vision, model, and track record.

We are in discussions with an increasing number of philanthropic, private & government funders—including individuals; foundations; health agencies, plans & providers; legislatures; and employers—to help pay for statewide school implementations, to work in more states, increase advocacy, expand capacity, etc.

You can invest in Healthy Future US now, including via our partnership with Arizona Community Foundation.

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