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You may be a high-net-worth individual—perhaps a very successful entrepreneur or investor—or a foundation—frustrated by the lack of progress on so many issues facing our country.

You may have donated to many nonprofits over the years. But how many times have you had a realistic opportunity to help make change at this scale?

Where are the credible solutions, that go beyond lip service, PR, and “culture wars”? And that achieve results, not just good intentions, lofty missions, and nice slogans?

Where are the results of the innumerable nonprofit and activist initiatives to dramatically reduce income and racial health disparities? And where is the systemic change that so many promised—without a realistic plan to make it happen?

Or that go beyond helping small numbers of people—when we need to empower millions?

You may not believe in Big Government—but even if you do, you are frustrated that the government at all levels has achieved far too little.

Putting our money where our ideals are

Building Social Wealth, Leaving a Legacy

You may have done extremely well financially. But does your “social wealth” measure up to your financial wealth?

Would you like to build more social wealth? Would you like to truly help make the world a much better place?

Helping to create a huge win for society can be very satisfying—though in a different kind of way than making money in the business world. It may be less of an instant adrenalin rush than conquering a major entrepreneurial challenge or seeing your financial investment soar.

But it can be uniquely satisfying, and an on-going source of pride—and a legacy.

Healthy Future US partners with you & others to have impact at a very large scale. We measure success in the millions of lives—and ask to be held accountable for empowering millions of children to improve their health.

We achieve this through an unprecedented combination of local-, state- and nation-wide policy, program, and sustainably self-funding systems change.

And success at each step is demonstrated with aggregated, privacy- & confidentiality-protected data:

  • First, by on-going student physical activity, nutrition, mental health & other health & wellness metrics throughout the school year
  • Then annually, by calculating the estimated resulting child & parent medical cost savings, as well as actual & projected GDP outcomes

And yes, we have one of the few very-large-scale, sustainably self-funding models.  By demonstrating health outcomes & cost returns, major funder-stakeholders can afford and commit to continue investing $500M-$1B/year in Healthy Students Healthy State.)

Both cost savings and economic growth begin immediately, as both children & their parents develop healthier habits—with the full savings being realized over multiple decades—as entire generations of healthier children become healthier young adults and more productive employees.

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Also, additional funds beyond the initial $1.5M/year for the Healthy Future US organization would allow us to expand into other states.

And yes, in addition to a great impact & ROI story, we also have wonderful individual success stories.

Student portraits

But we lead with our broader impact & ROI, because that is where we stand out so much, and how we are most likely to connect with the kind of people who want to participate & co-invest in this unique opportunity, and to help our society in a Really Big Way.

We would love to talk in person!