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Notes on Philanthropic Impact & Public-Private ROI  

~1/3 US teens w/prediabetes & 1/5 w/suicidal-thoughts, >60% adults w/chronic disease @>$4T/yr medical & economic cost [AZ >$80B/yr]—but much is preventable by doing more K-12.

Philanthropic grant-investments in nationallyrecognized Healthy Future US (501c3) capacity-building pay for: advocacy, coalition-building, fund-raising, communications, project planning/management, monitoring & evaluation (M&E) & continuous systemic improvement, including comprehensive statewide K-12/school health data snapshot and open-source tech/systems incl. apps & “big data” for rapid regular evaluation & development of people, programs, policies, etc., plus general & administrative & compliance costs.

This supports Healthy Students→Healthy State, initiated by Healthy Future US (HFUS)— building on major HFUS policy wins incl. the K-5 school recess law & State Board of Education A-F reform. HS→HS permanently & accountably funds quality evidence-based physical & health education, school counseling & nursing, & other evidence-based physical & mental health-related and other whole-child education & support services.

Healthy Students→Healthy State invests in scaling Plan-Develop-Evaluate, based on a proven UArizona-based mode which increased the percentage of students w/fitness from 18% to 78% of 16K Title 1 K-12 students.

Healthy StudentsHealthy State pays for the much higher quantity & quality needed to develop healthier habits throughout the K-12 population statewide, and to improve academic engagement & achievement and success in life.

10%+ of investments are determined by local school per its local wellness policy plan (LWP) to improve student health & wellness, including prof. professional development, facilities & equipment, nonprofit partnerships, etc.

During 5-7 years of implementation scaling, as outcomes demonstrate cost-effectiveness, this $1.5M/year investment in HFUS is expected to ramp up to $500M+/year in sustained 1/3 matching AZ co-investments by 1) the legislature 2) CMS/Medicaid 3) private health plans (incl. self-insured major employers).

Up to 50% is paid back to funders immediately from child & parent health cost & economic savings, with the rest paid back within approx. 10 years after students leave school in their young adulthood—culminating in >10x ROI through middle-age adulthood.

Per Milken 2018 & HFUS estimates, child chronic disease is reduced by ~50% including even larger improvement in the health of the majority of low-income students of color, plus middle-age/nonelderly adult chronic disease decreases by ~20% longer-term.

There are over time >$5B/yr in health costs savings & >$10B/yr in increased AZ GDP (including higher wage & revenues/profits).

These public-private funds also help sustain the capacity of HFUS (or its successor) in leading Healthy Students→Healthy State, replacing some or all philanthropic monies.

(See latest notes in most recent HFUS slides.)